Apple, Banner Saga studio frustrated by iOS game market

The Banner Saga is coming to iOS, but porting isn’t the developer’s major concern. That’s pretty much already done. Stoic’s main dilemma is …


Apple should first think about the entry cost a consumer pays for entering their ecosystem is steep when compared to what Android has to offer these days. Game Developers have being showing traction towards Android slowly as the number of connected devices would work in favor of Google eventually.iPad sales are dropping while iPhone demand continues to hold strong. Consumers still hesitate paying for AAA quality mobile games even if they are cheaper than most console and PC games today because mobile gaming is still limited to small screen experience where casual games score high in serving on the move gamer craving. I personally would not play games like Modern Combat 5, FIFA 14 or Dead Trigger 2 regularly on my phone or tablet due to complex control issues, lack of stable multiplayer experience, large size downloads, battery draining issues etc where mobile gaming still has scope to improve. Personally IMO If I can extend my mobile gaming to my TV with the right tech to pair these things up, it may help boosting prospects for game revenue and consumers would not mind spending for a quality product.

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