Experience virtual Olympics with ‘Gaming Olympiad’

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Zapak aims to give its users a virtual experience of the Olympics launched Zapak Gaming Olympiad – an online destination featuring live updates from London 2012 and a chance to participate in a virtual ‘Olympic’ styled event.

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One Response to Experience virtual Olympics with ‘Gaming Olympiad’

  1. las artes says:

    The Gaming Olympiad features a special leaderboard that will highlight the top performers in each game. Zapak Gaming Olympiad will also provide live updates on medal tallies, results, schedules and news from the Olympic Games. “We wanted to make the entire site more comprehensive. Giving information about medal tallies and other important news about the Olympics was a natural progression for Gaming Olympiad,” Abbot said. The gaming zone is online at http://www.olympics.zapak.com and has a WAP site as well for mobiles at o.zapak.com. The mobile site, however, does not contain any games. Instead, it only features live updates for users.

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