Xbox 360 E3 2012 Press Conference Round up






Microsoft is moving ahead in the direction of becoming the entertainment hub of your digital world, thankfully doing away with the Kinect overdose from last years E3 event, I watched streaming broadcast of Microsoft’s Press conference on my Xbox 360, and must appreciate the quality of live streaming as I was fearing buffering issues which thankfully did not interrupt the telecast.

Microsoft has Halo 4 up it’s sleeve that looks polished in plot,narration, background score and with master chief back this party does not get better than this, Epic studios upcoming Gears of War Judgement teaser got a thunderous applause, People Can Fly team has worked on this game, which is a good opportunity for them to showcase the potential they displayed with Bulletstorm which sadly failed to taste much wanted success with gamers.

Forza series also marks a return with another IP in the offing titled Horizon, South Park kinect enabled RPG game also arrives on Xbox 360. Nike joins hands with Microsoft to bring Nike+ kinect game that adds to the roster of fitness based kinect games, this one helps you earn fuel points, challenging people for fitness challenges from the Nike’s fitness community.

SmartGlass was touted to be featured on the show as a breakthrough concept allowing you to use your existing television, mobile phone for seamlessly watching entertainment concept along with interactive gaming, Nintendo’s Wii U device looks like a bad proposition after watching the SmartGlass feature demo, Microsoft is probably going to put Zune music service to rest, as it is going to launch Microsoft Music which would be a part of your Xbox, Windows Phone and PC ecosystem. Take a look at 2 videos below

Microsoft at E3 2012

Press Conference Recap in 3 minutes


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