Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 teaser trailer review

Activision and Treyarch studio is back with another version of Black Ops 2 pegged for 13th Nov 2012 release date, the teaser trailer released today would really turn down your excitement for this game, jumping from retro to futuristic on plot, graphics from the game look like some shoddy XBLA game getting ready for an online release. If you caught hold of horse riding clip in the trailer, it’s not an OMG moment to be gag about, Red Dead redemption graphics would have looked way ahead of this.

Activision is driving call of duty cash cow closer to saturation, however year on year gamers prove stats and critics wrong and they go on a mad rage buying whatever comes with Call of Duty tag, Modern Warfare 3 was again run of the mill stuff. You would find lot of common themes repeating now in COD game series launch trailers, Opening sequence with blinking text on screen, Missiles taking off, FPS view of a hand in a cut scene trying to cover a scene of blast, from falling debris, soldiers jumping off ledges etc. etc.

Do you think Activision/Treyarch stand a chance to pull off a sales heist with Black Ops 2 again this holiday season? at least I am skeptical about this one as the closing caption on the trailer looks apt for this game “The Future is Black”, anyways check out the trailer below

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