From $10K to $1MN in 9 months

Remedy Entertainment has tasted sweet success with it’s mobile game Death Rally that was started with $10K budget and it went on to earn $1 million on revenue in just 9 months. Freemium games are much talked about these days as the forthcoming gaming model for future, however not everyone is able to milk this model to their advantage.

Death Rally has 2 million active users currently, you can read more about the journey of this game here on how it went on to become a huge success for Remedy. This success has just come from game’s presence on the iOS app store, Remedy is looking forward to expand the user base for this game across the Android platform as well.

If you are still figuring what company Remedy is? think Max payne and yes Max Payne 3 website is also up now for fans to track the news/videos related to the game following up to it’s much delayed release in May 2012, one game I am eagerly looking forward to in 2012.

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One Response to From $10K to $1MN in 9 months

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