First Look: Batman Arkham City Lockdown (iOS)

The Dark knight seems to be on a roll riding the success of Batman Arkham city game on Consoles and PC, Batman swoops into the gaming scene on iOS with a toned down version of Arkham City game titled Arkham City Lockdown.

Warner Brothers have partnered with NetherRealm Studios (team behind recent Mortal Kombat game) to bring develop a Batman game that suits mobile platform and sticks to the hand-hand combat game play for this version pepped up with gadgets and Batman suit unlocks as you progress in the game. List of arch rivals of Batman include The Joker, Two-Face, Solomon Grundy and Deathstroke with their gangs of baddies. Bashing thugs across fixed location on the gotham city map is surely equal to the fun of beating them down on the main version of this game I have played on console. It does pack little variety in terms of gadget unlocks and health pack upgrades that complement your game progress in an apt way.

Controlling swipes to execute combat moves on my iPad was an easy walkthrough with a tutorial help towards the start of the game, found little akward to control tilt during boss fights on iPad. Gameplay looks polished and and visually decent on iPad screen, quite short though in terms of time you would spend playing a rather short campaign however engaging that would make you return to bringing down villans again with boosted ability of Batman as you progress with your gadget arsenal and also adding replay value with DLC Skin downloads. Warner Brothers have provided an option to download Batman Skin DLC (3 skins) to promote additional revenue from the game.

For a price of $6 this game is a must buy for Batman fans, long long wait for a decent Batman mobile game has finally being answered.

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