Evolution of Cloud Gaming: Console gaming on Mobile

If mobile gaming is currently posing as a direct competition to Consoles, OnLive Inc. has brought console gaming to Tablet and Smartphones via a new app currently available on Android Market (Unfortunately not available in India currently) which now allows gamers to play their favorite console class games across PC, TV, Tablets and Smartphones providing support for touch and controller play. Cloud gaming is heading in the right direction which reduces the hassle for a gamer to be sticking on a console or high-end PC rig to play visually appealling games. With the introduction of Smart TV’s connected to internet it adds another platform suitable to promote cloud gaming.

Question is would Apple and Google actively promote cloud gaming via companies like OnLive? since it takes away a direct share of revenue from these big players in association with mobile game development companies like Gameloft, EA, Ubisoft, Zynga and others who are striving to improve the quality of gaming on tablets and smartphones giving gamers graphically rich and interactive games. Becasue a cloud gaming company would have an array of game titles which a subscriber can choose from within their library, not sure how the charging model would work on trading platforms like App Store and Android market, nevertheless it is a good headstart for cloud gaming to head towards Tablet and Smartphone segment where all the moolah is currently.

Link to OnLive App on Android Market

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