The Kinect Story – Moving beyond Gaming

What Kinect meant for motion gaming was going to be revolutionary in the days to come after launch, This innovation did not stop at Gaming and a swarm of Kinect hack videos and news buzzed across the marquee all this time and now Kinect has come a long way post 1 year of it’s launch and Microsoft is heading in the right direction making Windows SDK 2.0 available for developers to take motion sensing technology to the next level, a lot of core gamers mocked Kinect’s ability to step up to their taste and many critics were ready to write it off as a passing fade in the Gaming industry, citing Kinect as a catch up act to Nintendo’s Wii which was doing pretty good a year back.

Kinect went on to secure a place for it in the record books becoming the fastest selling consumer gadget,check out the video below which highlights how this technology is evolving

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