Deus Ex: Human Revolution game review

Light’s shining bright, with a hue of gold and black the opening sequence of Deus Ex Human Revolution got me engaged right away and I probably did not enjoy any other stealth based game so much after playing Splinter Cell conviction and Batman Arkham Asylum, both these games had pretty tight linear game play. Deus Ex offers varied layers of options with the way you want to drive the story within the game and there’s no need to worry about the wrong or right of the path you choose.

I am not a fan of RPG genre, Mass effect could be a very popular game with Xbox 360 gamers, it was never a favorite on my list, I prefer less chatter and decision making to more action and fast paced story. Square Eenix and Edios have put in a lot of effort in shaping Deus Ex: HR as a high quality game. It’s year 2027 and you get to play as Adam Jensen who heads Security at SARIF industries in Detroit which deals in manufacturing human augmentations. These mods allow peeping up your character with super human abilities that provide you option to excercise mix of Stealth, Combat and Hacking abilities to cross through levels, you can buy virtual currency called PRAXIS with your XP points to enhance capabilities of Adam Jensen.

I started off trying to be stealthy and avoiding getting into gun battle and taking down enemies silently by playing mind games, throwing objects to distract their attention, luring them to secluded portions where I used to hide however I eventually resorted to all guns blazin style combat stepping up on the gas and gunning down enemies still taking them in small numbers at a time, shooting at them through vent ducts, throwing grenades and moving my cover confusing them about my exact location.

Play agressive or with stealth, you would have to work hard to maintain your ammo balance, tune up weapons with attachments, In case you have stopped applying your brains for quite some times frequently playing Call of Duty Black ops, Deus Ex: HR would prove to be good detox and it would get you thinking of ways you can deal with different situations in the game. Cover mechanism is realistic, don’t stick behind a cover for a long time other than walls and duct vents. Enemy AI is refined and not exactly dumb.  Hacking through computers, security panels would take some time to get accustomed to.

Deus Ex: HR carries a part of GTA game series flavor with it, which allows you to beat up street punks, cops for no reason and doing this would raise hostile alarm which could extend to gun fights and if you are unlucky to spot more cops around even they would start shooting at you. Don’t rely on autosave feature within the game, use game save slots to start over a point in the game if you feel stealth or agressive game play could have being a better option, or if you want to change your questions during a conversation with any in game character to get through your objective in the mission. Interacting with ingame objects is guided with tactical vision augmentation and your game play HUD view changes from FP to TP view while going in and out of cover mode.

You are free to move around at your own pace in the entire game, allowing you enough time to complete side quests to collect PRAXIS points, thankfully sidequests do not take your focus away from the main gameplay. In my opinion i found Deus Ex: HR considerably fast paced than Assassins Creed and Mass Effect series. You also have the choice to skip exploring stuff around in your environment and stick to the storyline.

Check out the game play montage video below (courtesy:BlueSparrow301)

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