Call of Duty gets it’s own Social Network

While call of duty black ops evolved itself to a level above call of duty modern warfare 2 which saw new levels of customization, wager matches and stuff like action cam and further features that allowed gamers to share their videos on YouTube, Activision decided to launch a social networking platform for COD fans and gamers alike. It could be very much possible that this social networking platform would be more relevant for Modern Warfare 3 release.

What’s also evident from this news that this service would not be completely free and there would be a fee based model tied to it, could it be possible way of Activision finally finding a way out to make money out of the CoD series fans without actually touching the online game play which EA has started charging in few of it’s recently released titles. The question is would you be ready to pay for just being a part of groups and clans on this upcoming service from Activision?

Read more about this here

You can register yourself to test the BETA version of this service and also check out the promotional video here

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One Response to Call of Duty gets it’s own Social Network

  1. gamerX says:

    I was reading about this over at , it’s interesting because COD is such a popular game, you would think it’s social network would really take off.

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