Gmail motion is not just a Prank

What came out as a April Fool’s Day Prank from Gmail has being worked out to be viable technology that can be worked upon to become a reality thanks to another Kinect technology based hack that has surfaced through a video demonstration of Gmail motion on YouTube, what do you think, do we really need motion control for our e-mails yet?

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One Response to Gmail motion is not just a Prank

  1. with a screenshot that suggests a new interface for Gmail might be forthcoming…Next Rogers did some additional digging and found more translation screenshots that suggest one of Gmails new features will be the much-desired offline capability…Note is the tool that currently allows you to view your RSS Feeds offline..Other new features include account use loggingso you can confirm who used your account and when..As a Google Apps user Im glad to see Google might soon offer an offline version of Gmail.

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