Old Xbox 360 + Kinect = RRoD

There have being reports highlighted by Xbox 360 users on Xbox Forums who have the older version of Xbox 360 manufactured before 2010 getting Red Ring of Death problem post they started using Kinect, hope i do not encounter any such issue with my device, becuase some users have also reported Kinect device blinking red even with proper power supply to the device and being properly connected to Xbox 360.

It also depends on how extensive the usage of Xbox 360 could have got post purchase of Kinect, lot of family members during holidays have being having a great time playing games since the freezing winters could have forced many to stay indoors and play.

Have you encountered any serious issues related to Kinect leading to RRoD on your old Xbox 360 device

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4 Responses to Old Xbox 360 + Kinect = RRoD

  1. Monex says:

    Microsofts wildly popular Kinect gaming system could have changed the game for players who have disabilities such as cerebral palsy and would otherwise be unable to use a gaming controller.

  2. Monex says:

    For allowing people to shoot Microsoft will probably have to ship a remote with the Xbox 360 Kinect which to some extent will kill the unique proposition that the Kinect offers.. And maybe the game could have options at the start to help it understand who the players are and so that after that the camera does not read any other object s motion..Unless Microsoft has fixed these bugs by the time it launches the Xbox 360 Kinect might work best for the dancing adventure and fitness games that come with it..However the Kinect can also be used to control movies playing on it so that films can be fast forwarded or rewound with hand gestures and this method of controlling electronic devices will most undoubtedly lead to a whole slew of new inventions and more realistic gaming in the future…

  3. Charles says:

    Haven’t tried the Kinect on my old 360, but now that I’ve seen this, I ‘m very hesitant to try it out.

  4. laura says:

    The only issue i’ve had with using my Kinect on the Original Xbox 360 is that i needed an adapter as there isn’t a dedicated port on there. i got this http://www.gamingzap.com/kinect-adapter-power-supply-for-original-xbox-360.html and it’s done the trick perfectly – great gameplay and no red lights

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