Kinect for Xbox 360 – A fitness alternative that’s working?

I was scanning through some articles on the web which have brought out some interesting facts around the feedback users have being posting of how Kinect based fitness and dancing games which have actually got their bodies moving and some of them have being using Nintendo Wii with or without Wii Fit have listed a better experience playing fitness based games on the Kinect.

I personally like Your Shape: Fitness Evolved game becuase it allows me the flexibility to excersice at my pace at my convinient time, no worries of fixing a time to go to gym, repeating set of activities set by the personal trainer etc. you can try these fitness activities on your pace and with the number of sets you feel your body can handle, without worrying what’s your trainer going to think of you and stuff. Here’s a video feedback on this game from Professional Fitness Trainer David Jack who shares his view on how gaming is going to blend fitness in our lifestyle that has being stuck to the couch for a long while now.

He still stresses the need to go out and play a sport you have always loved to, the actual real life physical activity that we have long forgotten doing these days along with the virtual fitness option now available through gaming.

I have used Wii Fit also in the past however the only limitation Wii Fit has got is with it’s board where one feels restricted after some time doing fitness activties, or balancing self continiously on a board, Kinect frees you from all this it comes true of what it has being adverstising “No Controller” when your hands and feet are free for movement and your brain concentrated on the excercise and not on remembering to hit some combo on a controller you immerse yourself into that activity without any mental barrier.

Check out the Zumba Fitness game trailer, pretty much a treat to your eyes 😉

You can check a article here which brings out the fact that three of the top four spots in the Amazon Xbox 360 Video Game Store included Xbox 360 Kinect Games: Your Shape Fitness Evolved, Dance Central, and EA Sports Active 2, all Kinect games, and all fitness themed. The reviewer herself has a Wii and she admits her family having a happy time playing on Kinect more these days. Also another article where the author thinks Kinect could just do the trick for Microsoft like the Ipod did it for Apple, and how the fitness technology is going social you can read this one here

In case you want to check out the line up Kinect based games currently available you can check a montage video of it below

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One Response to Kinect for Xbox 360 – A fitness alternative that’s working?

  1. Frank Marino says:

    More Wii bundle programs are being put together at great prices than ever before. Glad to see prices coming down on Wii Fit programs.

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