Two FREE arcade games on Xbox Live

Two arcade games currently available for FREE download from the Xbox Live service Harms Way and Doritos Crash Course. The first game is a racing advergame that allows you to play either as a driver or sniper, playing both factions would allow you to access weapon and vehicle variety available in the game along with power ups as you progress in the game.

The second game is also of the advergame genre which allows you to control your avatar as you run through obstacle courses scattered in different forms, both these games were relased as a part of sponsored campaign “Unlock Xbox promotion” which of course Doritos company had sponsored. These games were released on XBL since December 8 2010 for free download, Harms Way is a larger game in terms of download size (280 MB) while Crash Course game is smaller in download size (Approx. 58 MB).

Game trailers for these games below

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