Glowing Pom Pom toy – breakthrough gaming device of the year?

Popular Science Magazine has selected PlayStation Move as the breakthrough gaming device for the year 2010, IMO this is the biggest FAIL from the magazine. The very fact that Sony had to hire some guy like Kevin Butler to crack jokes on Xbox 360 proves that for a company like this it has to constantly keep the anti-MS marketing hype in motion. Sony keeps trying to lure hardcore gamers by saying that Kinect is not the future, it’s gonna stay a add-on to the Xbox 360 for Moms and Kids.

Sony should re-look at the sales numbers Kinect has being achieving and the flurry of Kinect technology hacks which have strated trickling in goes to show what kind of innovative ideas this device has thrown open suddenly. Kinect currently scores low on hardcore gaming and precision and accuracy currently but it has made an attempt to break into a new domain of motion sense gaming. I would really like to see how Move and Kinect shape up in future. IMO Move would need another lease of life very soon like the Wii is now facing. On the other hand Kinect as a technology is showing strong signs of developing into a strong and future proof gaming device.

What’s the logic behind getting hardcore gamers leave the six axis playstation controller to play killzone with the move controller? 3D seems to be a good option for Sony to focus upon for PS3 development ahead, where Microsoft is not treading yet.

Another Kinect review here, you can read proves a point to the fanboys as well.

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