Assassins Creed Brotherhood Single Player Trailer

Ubisoft has launched the single player trailer for Assassins Creed Brotherhood 2 days ago, with the multiplayer aspect being heavily banked upon this time around. I wish Assassins creed was a game without the sandbox element to it and Dead Rising 2 could have being an open worId game allowing more zombie smashing.  The first time i played AC1 i liked the concept but got bored of the side missions and RPG element in the game, the second version of AC was much better however again the open world concept just kills the pace of such exiting game which needs to stick to a linear mode that translates the awesome action moments seen in game trailers in a tightly woven game.I think many gamers would disagree to my view on Assassins creed not being a open world game maybe? The multiplayer element was just waiting in the offing to offer gamers something different apart from the run of the mill FPS games people keep going back to

I saw some comments on the this trailer that this game is going to bring down all the hype and sales Call of Duty black ops has being enjoying, after buying call of duty black ops i felt the single player campaign has gone slick to slicker in terms of graphics and visuals, story has gone on a fast paced mode compared to Modern Warfare 2, Multiplayer aspect to this game has being extended and modified to make it more engaging and increasing the replay ability. Thankfully Bobby Kotick has still refrained from keeping a seperate online gaming pass for the call of duty series, Activision would be looking to develop Call of Duty series in a completely just in case the next Modern Warfare game doesn’t turn out to be awesome and jawdropping post their fallout with infinity ward.

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