Viewpoint: Online charging for second hand game buyers

Gaming companies developing titles for console platform are moving ahead strongly to start charging second hand game buyers for utilizing their servers for online game play. Popular FPS titles like Modern Warfare, Medal of Honor and Battlefield Bad Company have a sizable population of the gaming community which is hooked to multiplayer gaming and addicted to it as well. So companies like Activision which kicked off this discussion has found partners to support their charging model and very soon we would be witnessing some changes to the revenue models within the console gaming industry. EA, THQ and Sony have already announced their plans of working in this direction. Bobby Kotick from Activision is itching to start milking the Call of Duty cash cow further by charging users extra for online game play.

We have already witnessed how successful small gaming companies like Zynga have grown into a profitable venture by popularizing small we based games combining it to the social networking aspect, further giving rise to the concept of micro charging consumers for accessories and stuff related to the game and keeping the game free to play. Similary i feel console game developing companies can take a cue from these trends and seriously work towards reducing the actual retail game price in case they are very much confident with AAA titles where it is for sure that gamers would be flocking online to multiplayer version of the game. Both Sony and Microsoft would need to work out a revenue sharing model with these game companies which can help them improve their online game play support services and at the same time helping in keeping online service subscription charges under acceptable limits.

DLC download pricing again has to be rationalised in case gaming companies want gamers to keep coming back to their popular titles, if the console gaming market has to be revived the time is right now With the launch of Move and Kinect on the anvil it would surely help gaming companies capture new audience on a lower entry cost of buying and playing the IP offerings of game developers.

What do you think gamers? is the time right now to put an end to atrocious pricing before the companies decide to start charging second hand game buyers.

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7 Responses to Viewpoint: Online charging for second hand game buyers

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