Batman’s next game titled: Arkham City

Rocksteady Studios have finally christened the next Batman game as Batman: Arkham City, which would be out Autum 2011. Right from the time this game has being announced there were speculations on which lot of baddies would now Batman battle with expected list of Batman series villans set to make an apperance include Mr. Freeze, Talia al Ghul, Two-Face and the Riddler with Joker still surviving from the last game, looking slightly worn off but still more menacing. Cat Woman is confirmed on the list as Gameinformer released 2 Noir style images for this game.

The fight has now shifted out of the walls of Arkham Asylum and has graduated to a wider environment with the cell itself expanding in the city, it would be interesting to see how Batman adapts to this new set up in the game and in a way it is a good move by Rocksteady Studios to stage the fight on a new level which allows them to expirement with the value offering for the game. One can imagine the bat gliding from rooftops, sneaking past the alleys and let’s hope we can see the batmobile or batwing in action this time in the game.

Check out the modified trailer which is the same one as released earlier updated now with game title and credits, also you can download the wallpaper i have created from the link below the trailer, the wait for the new Batman game just seems to have got more longer, however it is better that Rocksteady Studios comes up with commendable offering rather than a rushed product, the pre-order link for the game has being posted.

Wallpaper Link

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