Already tired of Move vs Kinect debate

Fanboys for Sony and Microsoft have taken the debate on Move and Kinect to a new level of stupidity. Before E3 began there was enough speculation on pricing, configuration and game availability for both platforms. Post E3 lot of bloggers and game critics have being spewing trash stuff writing off either Playstation Move or Kinect as confirmed failure even before the product is launched. You can even spot some web articles doing the math on ownership costs of Move and Kinect.

I feel both Microsoft and Sony have thought over quiet some time and have devised respective strategy to position their products with their audience. One should not forget that launch of Playstation Move or Kinect is not aimed at snatching away new customer base from each other, or encourage current Xbox 360 or PS3 users to switch over or buy an additional console which they do not own right now.

Why both Sony and Microsoft have a good chance of success with their motion control devices is because both their products offer value addition to new gamers who are not into hardcore gaming and probably have not joined the Wii bandwagon yet. On existing user front, Sony is going aggressive with 3D and slightly mature game content offering for it’s audience at the same time their marketing campaign truly raises a genuine question, How comfortable you are playing a non-controller based motion sensor game? when this thought comes to my mind i would surely miss a sword like handle in my hand if i am playing a Jedi on a star wars game.

While Microsoft changes the perspective again with a caption like “you are the controller” which sounds exciting enough in context of certain games, they are still shying away from 3D and think it is tad too early to offer gamers a slew of 3D game titles and re-do the hardware once again to support 3D gaming, which holds true in a scenario where 3D televisions are yet to take off as a consumer product and acceptance of 3D technology in our households would probably take longer time than anticipated.

At this moment no matter whatever kind of hype is generated by bloggers, critics and overall media streams like twitter and FaceBook, Sony and Microsoft are having their own pros and cons to the value add they are offering to gamers with Kinect and Move. Let’s not forget Sony and Microsoft have a larger interest in pushing software sales on their platform along with hardware sales. The success of these devices would be shaped with the level of acceptance gamers would adopt in purchasing additional software for these devices, that would encourage developers to create new IP’s for them apparently. Nintendo has just not being able to get going in this crucial battle of pushing up the software sales, this is the market as an opportunity both Sony and Microsoft are eying.

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