Open Tray Error Fix for Xbox 360

I have spotted lots of common Error’s related to Xbox 360 device being queried by gamers of which one of the most frequently occurring problem apart from RRoD is “Open Tray” error which is very frustrating in case you have a legitimate Xbox 360 device that suddenly stops playing games and plays other media devices like Movie or Audio DVD without any problems, or in some cases fully stops reading any kind of disc based media. Many users also see a alert on screen “Insert this disc in a Xbox 360” with some chinese text below. This error comes up when you try to play a copied Xbox 360 game on a genuine Xbox 360 device which is not modded.

Here’s a link to some steps that you need to follow in order to try solving the “Open Tray” error on your Xbox 360, in case the problem still does not get resolved you need to get in touch with your local Xbox Customer Support and check the status of Warranty on your device, if it is within warranty Microsoft would have it repaired free of cost else it would be charged to you.

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One Response to Open Tray Error Fix for Xbox 360

  1. glenselanroj says:

    Xbox is a really cool gadget, and I guess it’s understandable that it is so complicated and that there would come a time when we would experience some letdowns but it doesn’t erase the fact that it’s annoying to have xbox errors. I hope they could create something that will never breakdown, but that might be close to impossible.It would be nice to be able to do an xbox repair myself.

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