Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Comic Con Trailer

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer trailer is out now, this game is really growing in its stature with a every new version, if you are done with single player campaign playing as Ezio, the new dimension to this game brought by the multiplayer game play would help you get back into the action amidst open world Rome, what is unique about the multiplayer game play is the “Wanted” mode where you engage in a hide and seek game heading to kill you target assigned to you which has to be done with stealth if your target gets warned then be ready to get into a chase for the kill.

I beleive Team Deathmatch fans would also have their share of fun in the game, Ubisoft is going to cosy up to Playstation by offering Multiplayer Beta first on PS3. This has almost shot like a trend where Activision had clearly started it’s marketing campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops indicating early availibility of game beta, DLC and other stuff related to the game exclusively for Xbox 360, even with Modern Warfare 2 both the DLC maps made an appearance first on XBL before the arrived on Playstation Network.

Ubisoft would be in for a best-seller in Assassin’s Creed Brothehood if the multiplayer turns shapes up well for the game, multiplayer trailer below

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