Dutch Gamers set new Guinness World Record

A group of dutch gamers have broken the Guinness World Record of playing a game for the longest period which was earlier held by a Indian guy named Chirantan Patnaik from Mumbai who clocked 40 hours and 20 minutes playing GTA IV game.

These gamers participated in the contest organized by European audio/video company – Vogels, it’s not that they were wide awake for 50 hours at a stretch, they were allowed 10 min break for every hour of play. These gamers were playing for a prize of 1,000 Euros and Six Twist Docks (Product of Vogels which keeps game controllers continiously charged. The game they were playing was Red Dead Redemption, I think Sandbox Genre’s are good to set these kind of records, since RDR itself takes 20 hours on an average to complete, so the balance 30 hours one can replay side quests, or get into multi player action if all is over, you could just move around on the horse shooting birds around!

You can read more about this feat here

(Article Source: msnbc.com)

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