007 returns to gaming again

Activision has announced the arrival of a James Bond game Blood Stone that would be available later this year, developed by Bizarre Creations, this game would see the return of Daniel Craig lending his voice to the character of James Bond in the game and so does Judi Dench for ‘M’, this game would feature British Pop Star Joss Stone leading her voice to the Bond Girl in the game, she has also sung for the title track of the game (video below). Bond games have hardly impressed gamers over last few years and i did like the last 007 game released with the same title as the movie Quantum of Solace, these games would be short on single player campaign though.

James Bond 007: Blood Stone would feature a mixture of weapon-based combat and driving sequences on land and sea as you travel across a variety of locales, including Athens, Monaco and Bangkok, details have also being confirmed for 16 player multiplayer mode. Activision has roped in veteran writer Bruce Feirstein to pen the script for this game. He has written earlier for bond movies like GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and the World is Not Enough. i would be eagerly waiting for this game since i know watching 007 on the silver screen would be a longer wait for now.

The reveal trailer starts of with a similar car chase sequence which was seen in Quatum of Solace followed by action stunts on and around a boat, the title sequence video has being made in line to some recent Daniel Craig bond movie opening credits, looks impressive so lets hope the final product is equally good as well.

Game Reveal Trailer below

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2 Responses to 007 returns to gaming again

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