Wild Wild West calling – Read Dead Redemption Review

Rockstar games have perfected their ability to deliver blockbuster game titles for the open world “Sandbox” genre. Red Dead Redemption is another proof of it, since it’s release on 18th May it has already sold over 5 million copies and i admit that i picked up this game purely on the hype of the positive word of mouth this game has being garnering. I am also playing Just cause 2 in parallel to my journey which i have commenced with the outlaw John Marston, so here’s my review on the game.

I brought this game with a little worry of being subjected to long route travels which made playing experience boring for me after a point of time in GTA IV, all pre-order copies for this game for xbox 360 were sold off with retailers in normally buy from and i had to wait for a week to own my copy. This game is a huge improvement over GTA IV and Rockstar studios seem to have left no stone unturned in shaping this game to it’s best.

So here’s some info on the game plot, you play John Marston who is a outlaw pushed to kill his own gang members once his boss called Dutch headed with whom he once rode and now Bill Williamson ran this gang with his own set of thugs. John is doing all this for the safety of his wife and child who have being taken away by government agents, i have spent lot of time loitering around in the game trying different things in the open world environment, have rescued Nigel West Dickens from dying and in pursuit of my first bounty hunt now in the game as i write this review.

Riding horses with John Marston in the wilderness of the west can get tad boring than driving with Niko Bellic in concrete jungle of Liberty city, you travel around following Way points the same way you would have done if you would have played GTA IV and you also have plenty of additional missions to elongate your game play. I did not feel like treading on the dark side with my deeds in the game and have being playing the good guy up to now, apart from shooting down a old plot owner to steal his land deed for another chap whom John Marston meets during one of his side quests. The slow motion action stuff is a good addition to blend with the action in the game. Visually the game captures the soul of wild wild west very well. Ranches, Rocky and barren terrains which act as hideouts for thugs, open fields and small towns portray a beautifully rendered vintage world. In game animation is a visual treat and would help you connect with the game settings very easily. That rugged and rough n tough feeling of the west really climbs on to your senses.

The biggest plus for this game in my opinion is the story telling and visual presentation of the American west which no game has being able to do up to now. so while you follow the game story there’s lot more to do and see in the game, hunting down coyotes, rabbits, wild dogs and wild bears, watching beautiful sunsets or riding in to a storm to save herds, taming wild horses, saving women, helping out the sheriff to round up thugs and much more.

Controlling horse ride felt better on my xbox 360 controller than controlling high speed vehicle chases in the Liberty city, your ride with the horse or a mule would improve further as you tune well with your riding partner which means you cannot race away just like turning the ignition key on for a car and vroom ahead. I did miss the hustle bustle of Liberty city from GTA IV which in a way gave away the need of having a background score apart from tense moments in the game, RDR has a limited set of western style tunes that play in the background while you are playing through your missions, possibly i was missing the jukebox songs i got habituated of listening too while driving around in GTA IV, still the soundtrack numbers in the game match well to the mood of the game. Overall environment in the game seems to be alive and you feel very much amidst nature and countryside would beckon gaming taste of many.

I also gave a try to the multiplayer mission in which i did find spawning system slightly irritating because in free roam mode, you get spawned ages away from where the action would be taking place and traveling on a horseback to that point would feel cumbersome. I got hunted down easily barring 1-2 matches in multiplayer mode as there were many shooting veterans playing online, plus there is very less stuff available for you to unleash a destructive mayhem which one can trigger easily in Just Cause 2 and GTA IV.

I am not overwhelmed by this game though, still it is a masterpiece from Rockstar studios and i am trying to take some time out playing MW2 resurgence map pack and spend more time on this game. My rating for this game would 8/10 for sheer improvement it brings over GTA IV and the kind of depth that has being brought to the game play element no doubt this game has being selling like hot cakes and would possibly be on the way to set new entertainment industry records. so saddle your horse and don that hat and get ready to paint the town RED!

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