Viewpoint: Microsoft Kinect (Project Natal)

Xbox Kinect
So It’s finally out, Project Natal has a name “Xbox Kinect” so let’s take a look at the list of games announced for Kinect:

Dance Central – This is a dance move game to be developed by MTV games, you need to follow on screen prompts to match the dance steps to the song played, if you are unable to do this the song slows down and the voice instructions would help you ctach up to speed again step by step.

Joy Ride – I am going to bet high on this one, this one was planned to be a free avatar based game earlier however now it has being placed in the line up of Kinect games, it is going to be real fun steering the car with my hands, doing cool stunts.

Kinect Adventures – Only two demo games were shown at E3 for this package, a river raft game and a mine cart which also has a floating camera features that captures your look while you play these games which gives you a snap of your pose during the game play once you are finished with a level.

Kinect Sports – This package has games like soccer, track and field, volleyball, and bowling. criticisms have already started flowing in for this game since it is belived to copy Nintendo’s Wii Sports, however the common game i find here is only the bowling game.

Kinectimals – This is a virtual pet game which showed cat animals like lion tiger and bobcat, gamers around the world have being doing quite of virtual activites like farming, running mafia gangs, fishing so i beleive this game could be given a social gaming face maybe allowing XBL users to raise these virtual pets.

Kinect Yoga and Tai Chi – Fitness enthusiasts also have their taste covered with this game, you would have an onscreen instructor guding you with the moves to perform different yoga and tai chi poses.

now the ultimate exciting annoucement for me would be the Kinect Star War’s game where you get to play with the Lightsaber without any controller, deflect storm trooper laser beams by swinging your arms and above all execute force attacks all with your body movements, i am already feeling the force and yes in my hands and not on some toy like controller! if this game shapes well it could be a runaway hit for Kinect.

Disney is also develpoing a title for Kinect for now not much is known about this one.

check out some official images released for Kinect below


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