Launch news: Indian Gaming Championship 2010 in partnership with Gillette has launched Indian Gaming Championship tournament 2010 yesterday in Delhi. This tournament now spans across 34 cities now in comparison to 8 cities in last year’s tournament event, which clearly shows that is going aggressive in promoting gaming beyond major cities in India, currently has a user base of 7 million gamers and they expect to touch a count of 10 million in next 2 years at the same time increase the count of Zapak gameplexes from 87 to 200 in next 3 years.

IGC 2010 is targeted at 2 million participants while this tournament would be open for participation online to users at the same time across Zapak’s 87 gameplexes in 34 cities. The prize money is also huge one at Rs 1.5 Crore.

Actor Neha Dhupia and cricketer VVS Laxman were present during the launch of this event, gamers can participate in 3 game categories listed on the IGC’10 website. Hardcore game category requires gamers to register and play at the Zapak gameplex in their respective city. If they score highest amogst participants of their city they would proceed further in the contest from that city heading to finals supposed to be held in Mumbai. There is a MMOG game “Howzat” which gamers can play online and play the game between 1st- 21st Jun, players scoring high from different zones would battle it out in Mumbai. same rule apply to online games for tennins and a car race game where your leaderboard score would be counted amongst online players.

It’s a good start to promoting gaming amongst casual gamer population that is on a rise in India, at least you can take a break from your farming activity on Farmville and win some prizes playing games.

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