Just Cause 2 Review – Treat for Action Junkies

I picked up Just Cause 2 game along with Splinter Cell Conviction and Iron Man 2 this week, and i did not expect this game to give me the adrenaline rush i was seeking in a good action game, and no doubt i was not left disappointed. I did watch some early game play previews on the web before the game was launched and i thought it to be just another ‘Sandbox’ Genre TPS. Well i think i underestimated the potential of this game, so here’s my review on the impressions i have had playing this game.

You play the main protagonist Rico Rodriguez who is out on an aggressive mission to find his mentor Tom Sheldon as they both work for an agency called “The Agency”. Tom Sheldo went missing on a fictional South Pacific Island nation Panau which is currently under siege of a dictator Pandak “Baby” Panay. You can assist three rebel groups Roaches, Reapers, and Ular Boys to help them overthrow the rule of this Dictator from Panau while you search for Tom.

Game play: As this game belongs to the “Sandbox” genre, you would be able to roam freely in the beautifully rendered landscape of Panau Island which has cities and towns, snow-capped mountains, deserts and lush forests. Rico relies on his grapple hook to latch on surfaces, vehicles which is great fun to perform cool action stunts during high speed vehicle chases. Combining grappling hook and a parachute which is at your disposal at all times you can use both of them to move around quickly in the game. jump from ledges without fearing heights, your parachute can be opened even at smaller altitude allowing you to barge into a target or any location in style like a quasi spidey with batwing like ability to glide. The grapple hook reminded me of the Bionic Commando game.

Destroying things in the open world adds to the excitement element in the game which made me feel that action in GTA IV would be put to shame, you attract attention of enemy gaurds and police in the game like in GTA IV if you go on a destruction rampage which increase your Heat level and you may have to cut through a chase or fight of the wave of enemy NPC (Non Playable Characters) coming your way. You can destroy structures marked with a Panau Star logo, SAM sites and lots of other in game structures readily available for you to blow up freely.

On the firepower front you have limited guns to play with during the initial stages of the game, as you progress on your missions you get access to “Black Market” a shady supplier who would supply you weapons and vehicles this can be done by building upgrades with weapon and vehicle components which are scattered around in different missions, so you would have to do some looking around to collect these weapon and vehicle parts. You have option of riding more than 100 different vehicles throughout the game.

Once you are in the action of the game you start hijacking copters, jumping on to enemy vehicles killing them and getting back on to your ride, pulling down enemy gunners from chopper with your grapple hook. blowing up fuel tanks.

Visuals:  This one looks slick in visuals even during game play, though not outstanding still you would be able to notice the level of detailing that has gone in rendering different locales, the bad part is the cut scenes look less appealing, character modeling in cut scenes and voice acting is terrible at times during the game. I did encounter minor bugs during the game play but that’s kinda okay. There is even a secret easter egg of the “Lost” island check the video below

You would take enough time to complete Just Cause 2 and gamers would not complain of the length of game play offered by this game which could clock around 20 hours to complete, which is also due to an irritating save feature in the game which is not so good, at times when you have just managed to finish off a hectic fight and you run out of your health, you would be placed back to a checkpoint where you would curse yourself to battle it out again.

This game is insane fun and allows you to approach the game play in your own way while it sticks to a plot and a story line, i am enjoying playing this more than GTA IV, take a look at the vehicle stunt video below.

I rate this game 8/10 purely for the kind of variety it offers to experiment with the stunts, destructive environment, great graphics with good gameplay

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