Modern Warfare 2 – Resurgence Map Pack Video

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 WP3 by bhautikjoshi.

Two months after the release of first DLC for MW2, the second Map pack is due for release on 3rd June, it’s going to retail for 1200 MS points which means you would have to buy 1500 MS points that would cost you Rs 1020. Gamers would get 3 new maps and 2 old maps from first Modern Warfare. some info below on the maps that would be offered with the DLC.

Carnival: Set in an abandoned carnival in Brazil, it would probably be an unique offering for the first time for this game in comparison to different locales gamers have played in the modern warfare series both in the single player campaign and multiplayer up to now. it may offer good spots for camping players along with some close and open range combat action. You would have option of playing with Task Force 141 vs. Militia

Trailer Park: This map would be a feast for some close skirmish suitable for medium to short range combat with a setting of tight corridors and condensed areas, you would have US Army rangers and Op Force at your disposal to play with in this map. This map is the living quarters of the people who run U.S. Vehicle Disposal Yard 437 it would be visible in the background during game play.

Fuel: It is a long range combat map which offers a mix of the size of “Wasteland” map along with the terrain of “Rust”. This map is divided in two sections with a warehouse and a oil refinery area.

Two older maps from 1st version of MW Vacant & Strike make an appearance in a graphically improved format, this time again the DLC first releases for Xbox 360 and gamers do not forget you would be having double XP weekend from 28th May – 30th May and June 4th – June 6th on occaison of the release of this DLC.

take a look at the map preview video below

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