Super Street Fighter IV review

It’s being ages that i have played an arcade game, Shadow Complex as an arcade title did make a splash last year winning accolades, but somehow the game did not appeal to me as to my liking i was accustomed to playing games like Contra, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter as a kid on 8 bit and 16 bit game disk compatible consoles available in India at that time, and occasional visit to a game parlor near my place where i used to borrow money from my father to play these games at the coin operated arcade game machines.

Last year when Street Fighter IV made a fresh appearance, i was tempted watching the trailers unfortunately the pricing was a big let down when it was launched in India the game was costing above 3000 bucks and i decided to give it a miss. This time i got a good deal from ordering this game for Rs 1800, Rs 700 cheaper than current retail price in India of Rs 2499. I jumped on to the button mashing mode the moment i started playing this game, so here’s my review for this game.

Super Street Fighter IV throws open the complete roster of 35 players at your disposal right from the beginning, thankfully Capcom made a sensible decision not keeping few players available for download later as DLC. If you have played Street Fighter before you would be able to easily identify player like Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, Sagat, T.Bison whom i could recollect instantly and there are 10 new characters added to the roster in the list of 35 players in comparison to SFIV released last year.

Modes: You can begin with Arcade mode, Versus Mode, Challange Mode, Training Mode and Online Multiplayer mode, i directly entered the arcade mode without going in for some training, also played a single online Multi player match on XBL, got trashed badly since i was a rookie returning to arcade fighting genre after a long time and tried the versus training mode with CPU where i got some chance to explore special moves of different characters, Dudley looked impressive in finishing moves and overall ability to stand out against different opponents. you can play with another player online in the versus mode if you keep your accept request option ON, or even a 2 player offline. I did not find any player to play with online from my region so i kept that feature off and instantly found players in the online mode here’s a youtube video i think would be handy for players to walkthrough the SSFIV menu:

You also get an option to watch replays, multiple player lobbies, and a new ranking system based on characters.

Score: 8/10

Visuals: I was amazed with the style of action moving from 2D to 3D mode giving you enough eye candy while you fight, the map destination you fight has an active background while you are playing in the 2D mode with moving people, animals etc. i did spot some action effecting objects placed in the map like breaking pots, guy falling off from a cycle while you fight your opponent and a construction site worker struggling to keep balance on a swinging plank during the fight, a open jungle map with active solar eclispe, a volcano map and so on.

Watch your character execute special moves in 3D mode adding to the fun of bashing your opponent, not too to watch when you are at the receiving end and watching “K.O” flashing on your screen and following message “You Loose” which is made painful further by a taunt thrown up on the screen for you by your opponent.

Score: 7/10

Action and Moves
: I am still on the learning curve to make myself acquainted with special moves like EX Moves, Focus Attacks of different  players from the roster, i am finding it difficult to execute Ultra combo moves on my Xbox controller for now, maybe i would have to look up for some tutorials for this on the web. i have read some where that this game is suited better to PS3 due to it’s Six Axis controller, still i have managed to get a feel of some combo moves which has improved my combat ability. when you play the Arcade mode the first 2 opponents you face would not be so hard to beat. I even managed to reach the bonus car crash stage, however beyond this i have found losing my winning streak and thought spending some more time in the training stage. Moving your character on the Xbox 360 controller is possible with both the left joystick and the directonal pad. I am confused which one to use because i found it little difficult executing special moves using the left joystick.

Score: 9/10

Overall presentation: This game is not for console fanboys who drool over cutting edge graphics. game play takes the centre stage here the biggest plus for this game is that it offers an extensive replay ability both offline and online, the soundtrack is engaging during the play and not distracting it sounds like retro stuff remastered with intriguing effect. Capcom has a true winner on hands and there is nothing wrong with this game which i could find as a pure fighting game apart from the problem i am having masterting my moves currently with my Xbox 360 controller. I must say this game is a “must have” in your game collection if you are an arcade genre fan, i am sure after all of us have completed playing story based games like Gears of War 3, God of War 3, Halo Reach, Alan Wake and more such AAA category of games. you would keep coming back to play this one when you are in mood for some fight and button mashing action.
Final Game Rating: 9/10

You may also like to read this from IGN, a feature on Street Fighter series about how it all began and how this series progressed in case you do not know much about this game.

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