First Look: Project Natal Quick Start Guide

If you have being watching Project Natal videos all these times, wondering how exactly the device would connect to your Xbox 360, here’s a first look at a pic of Project Natal Quick start guide, which shows that the main unit would have a USB cable that would connect to the USB port of the cable that comes with the power cord for Natal unit, now the point of contention here is to see how much power would the Natal unit consume, since i have the old lot of Xbox 360 unit that were sold in India during the launch phase and it consumes around 160W of power while gaming, so i would have to keep a watch on power specs of this device along with the pricing.

Also my TV rack is going to ask for one more empty slot on flex boxes placed behind my television already sharing slots with the television, home theater, wii, xbox power cable and now a slot for Natal unit as well, i really wonder if the flex box would be able to handle that much electricity load consumption.

also this article here, points out to some auto tilt mechanism, wonder if is it going to add to the fragility factor for the device.

(Article Source:

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