Playstation Gaming Software growing on market share

Last year has being the real game changer for PlayStation brand from Sony and the party that began with the success of Uncharted 2, has grown strong further with the splendid response received for God of War III and Heavy Rain game releases this year and apart from the Natal and Move hype, lot of eyes would be on the Sony camp at E3 2010 to see what else has it got in store for the rest of the year.

Sony has being treading steadily towards a strong game library in order to increase it’s software attach rate, i believe they were busy capturing the hardware front first post the launch of PlayStation slim they did not loose time to bring out their blockbuster titles in order to captivate the sales numbers, and even Crytek has confirmed that Crysis 2 would be better looking on PS3 compared to Xbox 360, so visually also they have being striding ahead of Xbox 360.

Gaming software market share for Sony has jumped from 25% in year 2009 to 41% this year, Xbox 360 fans are pinning their hopes on Splinter Cell Conviction and Alan Wake which releases finally this year after eternity of wait for the Xbox 360 fanboys, i think Microsoft just cannot rest on it’s laurels of running ahead in hardware sales forever, they are too much focused on the Natal launch and Sony’s MOVE motion control device is not so innovative and seems to be replicating Wii, with an advantage of better graphics on hand.

While most Xbox 360 games have being running on Unreal Engine, Sony has the advantage of allowing a freehand to game developers to take use of the sheer processing power of PS3 to their  advantage, still many game development companies are following the multi platform path to reach to more gamers and reduce the risk of an impending loss just in case their title bombs and fails to take off, the passing recession has taught many lessons to the gaming industry as well.

You can read more on the development on Crytek’s plans on going 3D and work with both Sony and Microsoft on Move and Natal here and the story on software market share for Sony PS3 here
also why multiplatform engine’s are not of much help for Xbox 360 here

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