3D gaming – What lies ahead?

After movies it’s now turn of gaming industry to bombard gamers with 3D games, and yes you would probably be busy playing 3D games on your console with those card paper glasses, Avatar did trigger a frenzy amongst movie makers to bring the audience back to big screens, it’s now causing worry to people engaged in home video rental business and also the retail DVD sales in USA, one would probably not enjoy watching a 3D movie at home as much as watching it on the big screen, gaming can be enjoyed on your LCD screens though.

A new game for Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 is coming in May 2010, Attack of the Movies 3D, another 3D game which promises more fun than Batman AA GOTY i suppose, if you have a look at the trailer below, it seems to have good 3D fun coming your way, a game purely designed to be enjoyed in 3D, we can call it a move away from slick graphics and visual treat console gamers have normally being treated up to now, on the casual gaming domain which is the strong forte for Nintendo they were quick enough to capture the fun element in gaming and offer interactivity in their Wii gaming console which PS3 and Xbox 360 have now woken up to, else both Microsoft and Sony were busy making you oogle at the graphics and game play which i a way paved way for shovelware on consoles in the name of great graphics and visuals.

So when you play a game like Attack of the Movies 3D you do not bother much about the visuals, you look towards more of 3D stimulation and this trend could give rise to development of 3D shovelware in the gaming sector amongst gaming companies through a rush for developing 3D IP titles, this symptom is already on rise in Hollywood suddenly movie makers are feeling that the magic lies behind wooing the audience in giving them 3D fun and earn quick bucks, and Hollywood does not have any shortage of FX magic creators.

nVidia has already launched 3D kit in India for PC, Asus (G51J 3D) and Acer (Acer 5738DG) have come up with a 3D laptop and Mobile 3D technology is not far away from consumers, so are we really going to sport those 3D glasses every time you are going to watch TV, visit Web, Play games apart from sporting them to the movies right now? scientists have proved that 3D technology is not good for human vision to be used for long duration since it creates a virtual simulation of 3D depth, something not natural to our eyes and brain in decoding the visuals. Batman AA GOTY amazed me with the level of 3D imaging work that has gone behind the revised version for this game, however the 3D magic did cause problem for my eyes where i had to take them off after an hour of gaming.

Avatar as a movie had the plot, the visuals and ambience which suited the making of movie in the 3D version, which may not hold true for all other blockbusters made in the past, which many producers are planning to release again in 3D, I would love to watch Matix and Star Wars series in 3D again. Nintendo is planning for release of 3D DS and I am pretty much skeptical how a small screen portable gaming device would really excite gamers to go for the 3D stuff. For 3D gaming to succeed it would have to integrate technology that does not cut loose on consumer pockets and just like movies it should offer them instant 3D fun, like just wear those glasses anf get set going. going for 3D gaming on PC is very Expensive affair the 3D kit from nVidia itself would cost around 11,000 bucks and also one needs to go for a 3D supporting graphics card and a LCD with 120 Hz refresh rate, if you are planning to play 3D games on a LCD with this Nvidia 3D kit then you would have to go for Samsung 2233RZ which costs around 20,000 bucks so pricing, performance and power consumption are 3 important factors that influence growth of 3D gaming on PC

Samsung has already got a warning message for 3D TV consumers, i hope people do take it seriously and do not get completely lost in the world of 3D magic, so the future of 3D gaming is promising unless developers and game studios do not go for the gold rush and eventually kill the  golden hen which they have found in 3D.

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