What’s 3G got to offer and more gaming news

Finally after a wait of 3 years 3G license auctions did take place and mobile users across the country having 3G equipped phones would be able to put their phone to some good use now, many have asked if we could have leapfrogged to 4G instead of going for 3G, better having something rather than nothing for now, a slew of multimedia options would be available to consumers helping telecom companies drive their revenues further from VAS content.

Already mobile gaming market in India has a healthy share of 24%, also Microsoft has already announced that Windows Mobile 7 would feature Xbox Live service for gamers too, so arrival of 3G is much needed boost for mobile gamers, video calls, mobile TV would be in the offing however you can imagine the kind of flexibility users would get in extending their entertainment options to their mobile screens.

Consider the fun you can have rearing your farms on Farmville while you are on the computer, you get back to your farming activity from your mobile if u feel bored while commuting or elsewhere, playing a teen patti game with your buddies over the 3G network on the move, it does give a new dimension to social gaming altogether.

You can read more on what’s 3G technology has got to offer here (Source: CIOL), also take a look at the current composition of the Indian Gaming market here (Source: Outlook) post the advent of 3D laptops and computers and the forthcoming launches of 3D enabled LED’s the game is set to change, and why Counter Strike still remains a popular FPS in India (Source: GameGuru)

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