What does codemasters deal mean for Zapak?

Zapak Digital Entertainment, Owned by Reliance ADA group made headlines in the gaming industry recently by acquiring 50% stake in International game company Codemasters, so what does it mean to the gaming industry in India, got few hints from this article (Source: Financial Express) where CEO of Zapak DE, Rohit Sharma has revealed that they are trying to cash on the console and PC game distribution market, after establishing a stronghold in the online gaming genre.

Codemasters is the only company to have come out with cricket based game titles regularly, whereas EA has adopted a half-hearted approach in developing cricket games, the last offering we saw from them was Cricket 2007, also Codemasters does have some other game titles as well which are failry popular in India in the racing genre, in this article Rohit also maintains an upbeat view on the development of console gaming market, it’s rather strange that UTV group has up to now kept out of developing IP titles for console platform in the Indian market taking cue from Sony’s failed attempts in getting a strong IP offering for the Playstation platform, it has rather developed 3 console game titles for NA market release.

UTV is taking a bold step of testing Indian gaming talent by making IP titles for foriegn market, which is very risky considering that many gaming studios have shut shop during the recessionary phase last year in spite of having AA and AAA grade game titles development to their credit. This strategy of Zapak could work well for the company in India, considering that we are a cricket crazy nation and seriously speaking i am sick of seeing liscened version of teams from Australia and England in cricket games.

Let’s hope we may get IPL version of cricket game soon, and a proper liscened version of Indian team in a cricket game, unless BCCI charges a bomb for it.

You can also read this news article on the development of Indian media from the recently concluded FICCI event this year.

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