Clash of The Titans Game Trailer

Clash of the Titan’s game is going to release this summer by the end of May 2010, surprisingly it is launching post the movie release, the trend mostly is to launch a movie based game along with the movie release. After looking at the trailer, it does seem to be promising however most of the movie based games do look promising in trailers but fail to match gamer expectations post the release.

It seems that one would get to fight a wide array of greek gods and demons from the underworld apart from the scorps, medusa and the kraken as seen in the movie, The monsters ans creatures in the trailer give an indication of interesting boss fights. I did see the movie this weekend, i felt it was not as epic like the 300 movie can say just like a flash in a pan, would suggest watch the movie in 2D, apart from blurry screen edges there was not much difference in viewing even if i removed the 3D glasses.

Check the trailer below

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3 Responses to Clash of The Titans Game Trailer

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  2. limewire says:

    lol amazing stuff dude.

  3. limewire says:

    lmao amazing stuff bro.

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