The Farmville rage – Rise of Social Gaming

Zynga, the company behind popular social games like “Farmville” and “Mafia” have set up their office in India, and Social portals across have started copying this game model to get the social networking site users active on their websites, there is a huge potential for Social Networking portals to make good money out of these games, becuase after you have created a profile on a Social Networking site, send and accepted countless “frandship” requests.

After scrapping and poking your buddies, watching their status updates it was high time these web users were offered a strong reason to keep coming back to these portals and stay as active users, this is where the small time gaming companies struck gold and the rest is history

Some facts about these Social Games

  • Around 100 million people active on Facebook are fighting out mob wars on Mafia or rearing their farms on Farmville, this is roughly equal to the population of France and Canada combined.
  • Zynga, the creator of Farmville and Mafia games is estimated to be having a  market valuation of between $1.5 and $3 billion, more than twice of Take Two Interactive Software who is the maker of GTA franchise.
  • 55% of women gamers who play these games in USA average to an age of 43 years, out of this population 38% females have agreed to playing such games quite a few times in a day.
  • Today Facebook can qualify as the fifth largest country in the world with a membership of over 200 million people, it’s more of middle aged women flocking to Social Networking sites and getting addicted in contrast to the regular norm of teenagers and kids known to us till now.

So it’s rather easy for a middle aged guy or a lady to adopt social gaming, which offers them pathway to gaming leisure without the complications of a PC or a Console, it’s not the jazzy HD visuals on which this segment of population would drool on, the simplicity behind these games is an important factor and audience of this age group prefer playing their games in bits and parts, rather than some console fanboy eager to finish off playing MW2 or God of War II in one sitting.

Ibibo also has tried catching on to the Social Gaming mania by launching a slew of ads which really do not give you a good reason to start gaming, their punch line ” Why play Akele” could have being potrayed in better light i suppose. So does this spell doom for Console and PC gaming? well the answer is NO, Big Players in gaming like EA and Bizzard Entertainment do acknowledge the arrival of a new population of gamers on the block, they however are still skeptical about the cash flow from social gaming and are keeping a watch on the developement of social gaming.

They are not trying to keep away from serving the gamers of this genre, still console gaming is going strong globally followed by PC gaming and in Indian Market for the coming years mobile gaming is sure to see a high surge in the revenue generated, so it’s a mixed bag as of now and holds a lot of promise for all the gamers alike.

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