Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Trailer

Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY edition is going to be available to gamers in India on 30th March, may be a delay of day or two could happen, however i am very excited to play through the entire madhouse party of Joker again this time in 3D, this game is launching on 26th March in Europe and a pretty late release in USA in May 2010, It’s something which Indian gamers do not get to see very frequently!

With 6 challenge maps and 3D glasses offered along with the game, i hope my LCD does give me that 3D effect, i have not read any specific requirments for television compatbility thankfully up to now for this game, check out the GOTY trailer below, features more of the scarecrow footage, actually the levels where Batman is hallucinated by the Scarecrow would be more fun to play in 3D, what’s your opinion gamers?

Do post your comments on this write up

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