Are we going to see X-Box 360 Slim?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had given hopes to a rumor about a change in Xbox 360 design recently and now a picture of a new Xbox 360 motherboard has hit the Gizmodo website through a Chinese source, if this is to be beleived we could see a slimmer version of Xbox 360 on the way, however with MS keeping busy to first launch the Natal device later this year, i do not think we would be able to see a new design for Xbox 360 or a Xbox 360 Slim version very soon.

Check out this article from which throws some light on a Job AD released by MS for hiring a motherboard engineer for the Xbox 360 development team, take a look at this article here

If MS does manage to make a Xbox Slim, it would stand a good chance to compete with PS3 Slim, and come out of the shadow of the dreaded RRoD issue that ha being plauguing the original Xbox 360 for long. Gamers are getting concious on power savings and the kind of power savings PS3 slim currently has to offer does away with the argument of MS that they have being able to keep the console selling price lower due to absence of Blu-Ray.

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