Battlefield Bad Company 2 is out now: Let’s Lock n Load

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is out now, with the initial reviews that i have gone through on the web, it has being touted a strong contender to Modern Warfare 2, and the multiplayer mode of this game is much better than MW2, The demo released for this game gave an indication that this game was bound to get overwhelming response from gamers, the sales figures would surely reveal the truth in the coming days.

Battlefield Bad Company success is important for EA, because it has reported loss in straight 12 quarters and it’s high time for the company to get it’s act right. whereas it can gain from the recent rumor on the trouble brewing at Activision with the call of duty series co-developers Infinity Ward (read more on this here) and Activision is at risk of over depending Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and World of Warcraft franchise which contribute 68% of Activision revenue and the other wing Blizzard gets 98% of it’s revenue from World of Warcraft.

Mass Effect 2 has being the true blockbuster release for Year 2010 for now, Aliens Vs Predator is reported to do well and has got good sales figures in Europe, check out the launch trailer for Battlefield Bad Company 2 below, i am going for this one!

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