Gaming News : Flooded with Fanboy arguments?

As a gamer if you keep track of some important gaming news websites, you would find most of the gaming news keep coming in the form of Fanboy arguments, analyzing and debating their favorite consoles in forums, on game websites, even some web sites purposefully keep fueling this argument by posting articles which invite comments from Fanboys in their attempt to grab visitors to their websites. I have watched enough videos on Youtube which keep showing how Xbox 360 is Superior to PS3 and how PS3 is Superior to Xbox 360.

Post these comparison videos, you would spot a whole lot of vidoes on the we comparing gaming screenshots, gameplay video comparisons that really do not dwell much on the game but glorifying the console platform they are trying to compare in these videos. 

Fanboy arguments go through the roof when exclusive titles are released for a specific console, they go on bragging obout these titles for months, till the time next title is released, i have played Gears of War on my Xbox 360 and as an exclusive title to date i have only found it engaging for me, Halo series and Mass Effect never appealed me, in fact i sold of my Mass Effect copy after completing few intial stages. On PS3 Uncharted 2 definately won my vote for the GOTY, however killzone 2 was not that great. 

PS3 is going to Outsell Xbox and Xbox is going to outsell PS3 such headings keep doing rounds on the intenet and invite comments and verbal brawls on these posts overall benefitting the site that’s listing such material.

Fanboy’s are going to prevail, however as sensible gamers we should also allow common sense to prevail at times.

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