The rise of 3D Hype

Avatar has being touted to be the spark to ignite the craze for 3D technology amongst the consumers, where major movie, television manufacturing and gaming companies are seriously intending to push 3D technology into your homes. i have being reading so many news like the final stages of IPL matches to be screened in 3D and that too in multiplexes, few football matches have being broadcasted in 3D in Europe and have received positive response from the viewers.

Blockbuster movie series makers are considering to release popular titles like Star wars and others back to the big screen in 3D again, suddenly you find 3D is the in thing, and if by chance you happen to hit upon a friend and you tell him that you watched Avatar in 2D version, he/she may just feel tad superior to you boasting they watched it in 3D, i could spot the frenzy at the multiplexes where the moviegoers were proudly taking their own snaps sporting the 3D glasses, i myself watched Avatar twice.

nVidia has already launched 3D gear for PC in the Indian market, and Acer also has come up with a 3D laptop in India, Sony is upbeat on its predictions for a surge in demand for 3D televisions and it plans to introduce 3D technology for the playstation brand as well. still the question arises that of all the 3D hype generated by Avatar movie, as consumers are we really ready to embrace 3D technology as an upgrade to the 2D viewing we have being used to for so many years.

I feel with digital broadcast of television content and streaming facility available to game console users, technology like the HD and Blu-Ray have still not found a strong foothold with the consumers and one movie does not change the scene for 3D technology all together, Avatar was not a full 3D movie, you could see the depth in the frames in certain scenes and no guns, bullets, arrows or Navi world animals jumped out on you from the screen, above that the first time i watched the movie i came out with a heavy head.

3D technology is not suitable for continious gaming and television viewing, and somehow sporting those glasses is also not cool if you are not at movies, companies would find a niche segment of consumers eager to adapt to 3D technology as of now, however mass acceptance is very early for 3D and for the Indian market it is way too early since the roll out 3G is under the cans still and government is thinking to chart out path for the launch of 4G technology, HD broadcast is missing in India as of now, Blu-Ray is not what movie goers in India are crazy for, it’s just that regular DVD players have made way into households and LCD televisions are slowly replacing the CRT television in the Indian households.

So for the Indian audience access to 3D technology still remains at the movies, and no film maker in India ever thought of making a 3D movie post Chota Chetan, maybe the success of Avatar movie would prompt film makers to experiment, but seriously do you want to see SRK still romancing younger actresses in the paddy feilds and that too in 3D? selective 3D programme broadcast in 3D could be a good way to begin for television, since special documentaries aired on channels like Discovery and NatGeo may help broadcasters to gauge audience response.

Another barrier in the Indian market is the price at which 3D technology enabled televisions, monitors and 3D hardware for PC and laptops are sold, which again prevents it from becoming a daily use technology amongst consumers.

3D technology would find a space amongst other technological advances in the feild of entertainment, however it surely is not going to lead the pack, do post your opinion if you think 3D technology can make way into our homes or not

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2 Responses to The rise of 3D Hype

  1. PhilBee, NZ says:

    CGI awesome! Plot underwhelming.
    But hey, with three hours of non-stop wall-to-wall Cameron, who’s too worried about the storyline?

  2. ip camera says:

    Thanks for this! I’ve been searching all over the web for the info.

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