Girls and Games – The Changing Story

Gaming as a hobby is no longer all guy thing anymore, Globally women are now actively adopting gaming as a hobby and back here in India too there is a surge in the female gaming population in our country, Today 45% of the active gaming population in USA comprises of women of this lot, Nintendo’s Wii and Sony PSP have a share of 49% and 52% amongst female gamers. today has 20% female gamers out of their total registered user base, they have a dedicated gaming portal for girls as well, even the leading processor manufacturer Intel acknowledges that women are no longer limiting their choice of selecting a Laptop or a Desktop purely on design and appereance, they are growing tech savvy and have the awareness to equip their hardware configuration that renders a wholesome multimedia experience which includes gaming.

Though the percentage of Female computer users is lower than that of the Male PC user population, still 60% of the Female gaming population is below age 25 and they demand best in-class technology and cutting edge configurations quotes director of sales and marketing group at Intel South Asia Sandeep Aurora.

A recent survery revealed that women have grown more obsessive about their cell-phones, and the rate at which India is adding new mobile connections, Women now form a large part of the consumer segment using mobile value-added services and playing games on cellphones. The genre of games women prefer to play are the ones which can be played in intervals and have liking for puzzles and logic games. Games related to bollywood, entertainment, mythological, strategy and even cricket games are becoming popular among young women.

Female gamers are not much into the action genre, however web based games like Farmville are already a rage amongst female gamers in India, it’s still a long way to go for the consoles to get a female fan following in India. Globally Nintendo Wii is popular amongst female gamers, and with Project Natal for Xbox 360 on the anvil by the end of this year it would surely add a good proportion of female gamers across the world.

In India Mobile phones and Web based casual games on PC would continue to be source of gaming entertainment for women, barring the young population which is technology savvy the buying decisions of a gaming PC, a console or handheld device is mostly done by the male member in the family or the children, and style concious women who desire to carry trendy mobile handsets at times do not give much importance to the phone specs, apart from it’s image taking and music playing features.

Nevertheless, women are for sure making their way through another bastion earlier ruled by men and are equally growing passionate for gaming. 

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4 Responses to Girls and Games – The Changing Story

  1. hmmm nice info. I personally been a game addict never in my life met a female gamer. But sure do i agree that women equally growing passionate

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  3. My girlfriend plays games with me, and she gets flak a lot… and I mean a lot then I have to step in and take over (she is able to defend herself but she is still kinda bad at arguing with someone over the internet)

    I was never like that online! Why are so many people like this and hate women online???

  4. slinkydk says:

    I’m a girl and I’m a PC gamer. I play Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2. I’m in a clan and we are 30 members of which 6 are girls. We have made our own team and play 5v5.

    When I play online, sometimes when a guy discover I’m a girl he freaks out in the chat and call me all sort of things. Especially if he can’t beat me. I just ignore him. What a fool.

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