Criticizing Gamers: Weighty Issues

I don’t know why James Cameron had to take a dig at Gamers for Avatar movie getting a Black Lung Rating which showed Sigourney Weaver’s character Dr. Grace Augustine is shown smoking continuously in the movie, it is actually not fair enough to grade all gamers as potato couches who keep gulping aerated drinks and food, spending hours on the couch with no physical activity,

James Cameron himself was eagerly promoting his movie based game, which has bombed badly, and now he is also keen to tie up with Ubisoft to make more games. there was criticism even around his Avatar Game being based on the ‘Halo’ Plot, even this criticism did not go down well with James.

another hate statement that came for consoles recently was from the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez he particularly picked up on Sony Playstation branding it as a “poison” and is leading children down the “capitalist road to hell.” he has appealed to Venezuelan manufacturers to create “educational” toys with the features of thosein sync to the culture of the nation and not capitalistic dolls such as Barbies. He feels that the games that sell for these consoles promote violence, triggering sale of arms, pushing teenagers and children in a vortex of cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

If that was the case then how come a Seventeen-year-old Georgia resident Taylor LeBaron lost 150 pounds in just 18 months after he devised a weight-loss strategy using lessons he learned from playing difficult video games. He weighed 135 Kg at the age of 14, he has now reduced to 67 Kg after working on his diet by adopting a game based approach to reduce his weight.

He graded his strategy to reduce weight in 3 parts, there are allies, enemies and money. The basic idea is to work with allies (exercise, healthy foods), avoid enemies (junk food) and make money (burned calories equal cash). If, at the end of a day, the player has burned more calories than he or she has consumed, that’s a victory.

He has posted his diet plan on a website branding it as the “Video Game Diet” check it out here , So it really that the gamers are like the outcast section of society to be always looked down upon?

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