Gaming News: Global Media & Entertainment Summit –FOCUS 2009

Here are some news bits from the recently held 3rd Global Media & Entertainment Summit –FOCUS 2009, which also had a session on VFX, Animation and Gaming Industry presided by Mr. Jaspreet Bindra, Regional Director for Entertainment Devices at Microsoft India, Mr Hari Varma, CCO for Toonz Animation, Mr. K Rajesh Rao, CEO, Dhruva Interactive and Mr. Muneesh Chawla, MD Blue River Capital.

All the three divisions including PC and online gaming, mobile gaming and console gaming are expected to see a robust growth at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 30-50 per cent and experts feel there remains huge opportunity for those who wish to earn their living through this means. However, there remain certain hurdles, which need to be demolished as early as possible.

Indian gaming market is seeing a good growth in terms of projects for game developments being bagged by domestic studios, as global players seek cost advantage in India, the industry could be next outsourcing avenue similar to our IT industry. According to a report by KPMG, the console gaming is expected become a Rs 940 crore turnover segment by 2013 on the back of favorable demographics, rising urban disposable incomes and new generation consoles penetrating the Indian markets. More and more global game developers are now taking help from Indian game makers for completion of international projects.

Some stats by NASSCOM:-

  • Gaming industry was worth $167 million in 2008
  • Growth of 49% for Indian video game industry.
  • Animation sector revenue to climb up to $1 billion.
  • Indian animation industry was worth $494 million in 2008.

India will is poised to be a center for original animation films, in addition to being one for outsourcing, Mr. Jaspreet Bindra expressed his view on focusing development of gaming hardware industry in India to save on import costs which would eventually lead to reduction in prices for consumers. Mr Hari Varma, CCO for Toonz Animation wanted government to facilitate a good education model for animation industry which has lot of potential for improvement.

K Rajesh Rao, CEO of Dhruva Interactive says due to lack of industry status, difficulties in getting loans, higher study cost and fewer professional gaming institutes, the game developer thinks that there is still a long way to go, Indian gamer base as a percentage of total global gamer population is very low.

Game Piracy 

Game piracy business is thriving in India along with Software, Music and Movie piracy business. almost 70%-80% games are sold through grey market channel, customs duty of up to 25% are being slapped on game imports making it an expensive affair for a regular gamer in the country, Young gamers mostly comprising of the student population are unable to afford high-priced games and often tend to get them duplicated from friends. This is a major reason for piracy in India, copuled with other issues like delayed game title releases find entry to Indian market before official release through the grey market in form of pirated copies.

Big retail outlets hardly are interested to stock games and gaming related accesories for gamers and in case something turns out faulty you would have to send the game back to the distributor which takes too much time, whereas a pirated game CD if has any problem can be replaced easily from the source where it has being brought.

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