Another Coffee Joint brews up to Gaming

Coffee N U a coffee chain with business outlets in Nagpur, Bengaluru and Pune is planning to offer PC Gaming at it’s Outlets under their brand Oovaa, both of these business entities run are run as separate units are now being brought together by the company to offer a new value proposition altogether,  other Value additions included in the Coffee n U outlet are music, a small library, 15 flavors of hookah, Free wi-fi as well as charging points.

Each gaming station would be equipped with a 32” LCD monitor, high configuration computers with high end graphics, and special gaming chairs with force feedback that lets you live the experience. The membership plan is designed in a way, where the more you play, the less you pay. The entry fee for gaming is Rs 150 per hour. this coffee outlet is geared to open 50 more outlets in other corners of the country.

Cafe Coffee Day also has included gaming kiosks at their select outlets as a part of promotional activity,while Coffee N U along with Oovaa aims at leveraging the brand value of both it’s Coffee and Gaming business as part of long term strategy.

so it’s no longer just talks over the coffee, you can get playing your favourite games while you sip that cup of coffee

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One Response to Another Coffee Joint brews up to Gaming

  1. Neeraj Alia says:

    Hi Bhautik,

    Thanks for writing such a wonderful blog post about us. I would like to make some corrections though, We are a company with two dedicated brands, for Coffee ( Coffenu and Gaming (ooVaa There is no comparison with what Cafe Coffee Day does, as they are not into gaming and have games just for promotions , here today gone tommorow, but we have dedicated gaming centers for gaming , which go hand in hand with the Coffee Shops.

    Please feel free to contact me in case you need more details . DO visit one of our centers in Pune, Nagpur or Bangluru if you are in any of the cities..

    Neeraj Alia
    COO, ooVaa.

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