BioWare already Working on Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 2 is going to be out late January and BioWare studios is ready to work on ME3 probably to arrive late 2011 or early 2012, in a interview with Shacknews, Casey Hudson – Project director of ME series quoted that when they came out with Mass Effect they had already planned this title to be a trilogy and they feel it would be a easier task working on ME3 as both sequels to the original would be bigger in story telling and offer more engaging and wider view of in-game universe to gamers.

Also based on gamer choices made while playing ME2 and ME1, Commander Sheherd may die by the end of this game, that is why BioWare was apealling gamers to keep their ME1game saves intact, it would interesting to see how BioWare would work on 3rd intallment in the ME series without Commander Shepherd, becuase he is a critical charcter to the game just like Spartan Cheif is to Halo series.

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