Aliens Vs Predator release announced

Aliens Vs Predator game is scheduled for Feb 16th 2010 release in North America, SEGA would also be releasing a special Hunter pack edition to this game which would give gamers access to 4 multiplayer maps before the are released as additional DLC, a facehugger alien model , A Graphic AVP novel from Dark Horse comics a Weyland Yutani sleeve badge and a 3D lenticular postcard.

AvP fans still get some good deal on regular edition by pre-ordering AvP game and receive codes to unlock a unique Marine, Predator and Alien skin exclusively for use in AvP’s multi-species multiplayer bloodbath, what i presume is that the Multiplayer Bloodbath would be similar on the lines of Halo ODST Firefight mode, MW2’s Spec Ops part of the strategy gaming companies adopt these days to extend gaming experience, online gaming supports up to 18 players.

Check out this trailer released today, this game is on my buying list for 2010

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