PS means Playstation or Poor Sales?

PS3 slim was supposed to savage PlayStation brand image which had suffered a lot in the past and sales in September and October did show positive signs for Sony, however the time when most people would have thought PS3 would overtake Xbox 360 in sales, it lost the steam just at the wrong time, and may be one could say at the right time for Xbox 360 fans, giving MS another point to prove that why it is still not panicking to hardware developments of PS3.

So the total cost of manufacturing a PS3 Slim as of December 2009 is $336.27, they sell it for $299 so Sony is still making a $37 loss on per unit sold, though it’s much lesser to losses they would have made on the older version of PS3, they would be expecting PS3 to start minting profits for the company at least by next year, it’s really baffling to see how patient Sony is to break even on PS3 product.

Sony is now actively talking of moving to a paid online model similar to that of XBL, but maybe it would be too late to find takers for it, since the software attach rate for Sony is poor compared to that of Xbox 360, what is the point going on to a paid online game service model when you currently don’t have that large online gaming crowd on your device.

I’m trying not to act a fan boy here, however the November NPD sales figures have proved that the bundled copies of Xbox 360 with Modern Warfare 2 found more response to PS3 bundle, and The best selling titles like Assasins Creed 2 and Modern Warfare 2 had more sales on Xbox 360, Though Uncharted 2 is the most stunning game of the year, third party studios would be thinking what’s wrong with Sony, even after the price cut and all the flak Xbox 360 has being drawing due to excessive pricing on accessories and online service it has maintained an upbeat image amongst the gamers, when Sony argues that if we give a high priced device like PS3 we are giving quality, so does Xbox 360 maybe not on the hardware but surely on Online gaming service.

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