Prototype Game Review

Finally completed playing Prototype last week,  The game story is based on the main Protagnist of the story Alex Mercer who discovers that he is dead and has being resurrected to life again by a virus that has infected him it has now turned him into a shape shifter, he then goes on a hunt to find out what made him like that and who is behind all this mess, as he has lost all his past memory, the story is based loosely on the resident evil plot where a virus infection hits the city like Umbrella Corporation, here too in the game you have Gentek Corp which is the orginisation beleived to have developed the deadly virus which has infected the city.

Prototype is a mix of GTA + Wolverine + Spider-Man + Mirror’s Edge, also Alex Mercer was not actually a superhero but in the disguise of him being infected by virus he was given blade and claw power similar to Wolverine’s blades, he can’t fly but glides across buildings like a flying squirrel, you can see him run across buildings, jump across obstructions displaying some cool parkor moves,   some powers like whipping, stomping on the ground, charged aerial attacks were similar to those of symbiotic Black Spiderman, in web of shadows game, there’s a lot of action in the game like playing in the red zone with infected zombies and creatures to defeat and above that a horde of army helicopters, tanks, you also get a free-to-roam mode in the game along with the single player campaign, and many side-quests which get activated at different levels.

The story of the game is fast paced, moves in the reverse direction, you would be on trail to consume some characters in the story which would help you access their memory and find the links to the story of the game, you can even consume the infected creatures to gain health boosts, and with the passing levels, you would start acquiring additional powers, combat moves, health boosts, armor.

I only completed the story mode, did not play most of the side quests, the game play on normal difficulty also would take around 10 hours to complete or more, since there are some levels which take time to complete.

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