Gamer dad suffocates daughter to death

A Gamer dad in Miami accidentally suffocated his 7 month old daughter to death while smoking weed and staying up all night playing on his Xbox 360, he fell asleep rolling over his daughter suffocating her, he was in a drugged state playing through the night up to 6 A.M in the morning, his partner did call him to remind him of feeding the baby and after that when he went to sleep he rolled over her causing her death,

This guy was unemployed and looking after the baby while his partner was working, he then tried to cover up the death of his baby by putting her body in the crib and trying to portray as if she passed away in sleep.

This is really shocking and again goes to prove that gaming at a strech can be tiring for the body and the mind, no one would have thought of any such thing happening, however i would not paint gaming in the devil’s color of red, it is much to do with our habits, leisure to an extent is good, but overdoing any thing is harmful

I hope we do not have more parents opposing gamers, it’s just that like all other habits we need to balance this one as well.

read more on this here

Link 1 | Link 2

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